Saiyok Floatel

    Saiyok Floatel is a private relax hotel which is ideal for travelers who looking for a place that close to beautiful nature. With a great location on the curve of the gorgeous River Kwai, the area also a viewpoint of majestic cliffs and rocks that wherever you are in the hotel area, you will overlooking this stunning views. The luxury guestrooms are a combination of Thai style raft with lavishing boutique resort that offer you the most comfortable in a delight atmosphere. Moreover, each rooms are fully equipped with high quality facilities which include air conditioner, water heater, hair dryer, towels, shampoo with conditioner and so on. And because this is the back to nature concept hotel for the purpose of making guests feel truly relaxed and spend their precious time with friends or family, therefore, there’re no television and Wi-Fi available in guestrooms. On the other hand, the hotel provides many outdoor recreational activities such as Rafting on the river and appreciate natural surroundings or rent a boat to experiencing the most famous Saiyok Waterfall. Saiyok Floatel, well placed on the River Kwai Noi, is an excellent place to fulfill a happiness and recreation to your dream vacation.

Floatel Rooms

"Saiyok Floatel, well placed, is an excellent place to fulfill a happiness and recreation to your dream vacation."





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